Friday, December 13, 2013

Birding with Friends

One day (alright, it was almost two weeks ago now), we met our friends John and Carol for a walk around Gilbert Riparian Preserve.  This place is a real unknown treasure that they had discovered last year.  We were happy they invited us to share it with them.

The preserve is really a birder's paradise.  This 'wild' ring-necked duck was thinking we were good for a handout.  Obviously he doesn't know me very well.

John, Ron, and I came prepared with binoculars to observe the shyer wildlife.  Carol brought her camera with the monster telephoto lens.

I had my point-and-shoot camera so it was just luck if it happened to focus correctly.  We got a kick out of the great blue heron and great egret standoff.  The egret was obviously intimidated, but tried to stand his ground.

The two ducks on the right must be mixtures.  I'm guessing the white Pekin duck is the mother and a mallard was the father.

Well, that's it for acceptable pictures from me.  Carol has lots more on her blog.  Click here to see them.


  1. That duck in the first picture looks really angry that you were being so stingy with the handouts. Sure glad we're going to have some sunshine and warmer weather next week.

  2. Sometimes identifying ducks can be difficult as they are very good at interbreeding. The worse culprit here is the ruddy duck because with this fellow its with virtually anything that looks remotely like a duck. Have a good Christmas.

  3. I'm impressed with your pictures! Every time I try to take bird pictures they fly away. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, I brush my teeth and use deodorant.

  4. That ring-necked duck doesn't look too happy that you're photographing him ... did you ask permission to take his photo before you clicked the shutter ;-))