Saturday, January 4, 2014

Last to Post

About a week ago, we took a nice hike with John and Carol and Jim and Gayle.  Both of them posted about it days ago, in fact, I think Carol posted the same day we hiked.  As usual, I am running behind.  And since we all took the same pictures, these might look familiar.

We all met up in Apache Junction and headed out AZ 88 to First Water Rd., just past Lost Dutchman State Park.  After the longest 2.6 miles ever driven, we reached our parking lot and trail head.

We followed the pretty Dutchman's Trail though some colorful desert landscape.

It's always fun to see water in the desert and we all were prepared to record any slips during the crossing.

Here's the crew at our turnaround point, 1.7 miles out by Jim's calculations.  Although Gayle and Jim were just getting warmed up, they returned with the group.

It really is an interesting hike, much of it in view of First Water Creek.  We'll have to hike this sometime after a rain.


  1. I was hoping for a slip picture. You guys need to do better next time.

  2. Nice new picture of you two kids. You sure do clean up nice!

  3. You chose a great trail. We really enjoyed the hike and the company!

  4. I take it everyone crossed safely without entertaining the rest of you.

  5. So Jealous of that beautiful weather we've had horrible weather since Sept.