Thursday, May 22, 2014

On to Colorado

We finally left Arizona by way of a little piece of New Mexico.  Once again we are on our way to Denver area and we've mapped out a different route this year.

In the northwest corner of New Mexico is a famous landmark known as Shiprock..  We came within a few miles of the formation but to get any closer we would have to take a dirt road.  Since we didn't want to unhitch the car, all I got was a zoomed shot through the dusty air.

Then we passed into Colorado and, uh-oh, what's that white stuff?

Our plan was to visit Mesa Verde National Park and stay in the park campground.  The campground is only four miles from the entrance, but the road has to climb 1500 feet up the edge of the mesa.

We have stayed in various national park campgrounds and like the fact that they are usually very basic for a very reasonable price.  Imagine our surprise to learn that for the same lack of amenities, the campground at Mesa Verde is $33 a night!  Of course, it's half price for us old people, but that's not the point.  We shortened our planned stay and paid for two nights.

After settling into our site, we hiked the very easy and extremely scenic Knife Edge Trail.

We had a good view of Ute Mountain, otherwise knows as the Sleeping Ute.  According to a Ute legend, one of the gods became angry with his people and lay down to sleep.  You can see his head to the right, his arms folded in anger across his chest. and his toes to the far left.
(I swear we didn't make this up.)

Look at Ron - always pushing the boundaries.

I think deer in the campground are almost mandatory, but it's always fun to see them.

We got a kick out of this sign. especially the second guideline.

Next post will be our hectic one-day tour of the park.


  1. We stayed at McPhee FS Campground in Dolores when we visited Mesa Verde. At half price it was still $8.50 for no hookups, but we were also shocked by the price at Mesa Verde. I guess they figure there's nothing nearby so they got you!

  2. $33 is steep! BUT our state parks are $18 a night I think that's steep too! Love the Shiprock. You're in one of my favorite areas...have fun!

  3. Ron likes to push boundaries? I find that hard to believe! ;c)

  4. With prices for basic camping going up, no wonder those offering FHUs are skyrocketing.