Sunday, January 31, 2016


Once again, we packed up the RV and trekked to Quartzsite, Arizona, for the RV Show, Sell-a-Rama, and Rock and Gem annual events.  For such a tiny town, they certainly have a lot going on.

We parked closer to town this year in an area which the campground host called South Dome Rock.  Funny how they refer to the check-in personnel as campground hosts since there's no campground - just spots in the desert.  Here is our lovely home for two weeks.  Later on we had neighbors but they weren't too close.

I'm glad we weren't near these people - just look at the trailer full of wood!

All of which they used building their massive fires.  Those are whole logs in there!

We made many trips to town to check out the RV show,

Good places to eat,

And, my favorite, the grocery tent filled with barely expired food.

But Ron has a new interest this year.  Quartzsite is the site of lots and lots of quartz, hence the clever name.

And where there's quartz, there could be gold!  Ron had recently joined a prospecting club near our home in Mesa which has some claims around Quartzsite.

First he broke out the metal detector,

Then the gold pans,

Then he bought a sluice and, with the addition of a small pump and some parts, created a system that recirculates the water for desert usage.

Pretty ingenious, huh?  So far he hasn't found any gold, but it does keep him off the streets.  ;-D

And what's a post about Quartzsite without a sunset picture?  They sure have some amazing ones.


  1. Kind of like Jim's fish. We have a boat and trolling motor and depth finder and etc etc etc but not very many fish. Lol but it does keep them out of trouble.

  2. Glad you stopped by to visit!
    Ron needed another hobby to keep him off the streets ;-)

  3. Glad you stopped by to visit!
    Ron needed another hobby to keep him off the streets ;-)

  4. No matter how old we get we men still like our toys in one shape or another. As you say it keeps us off the streets.

  5. That is an absolutely stunning sunset!
    Keep looking for gold, Ron. There's always another place to search. Try Colorado in the summer.

  6. Don't know if we will ever make Q while everyone is there, but we did drive through it last year. As for gold hunting, that is something I always thought would be interesting to do. Having grown up in Northern California, not too far from Coloma where the "Rush" began, I just know that there is still gold "in them there hills", as they say.

  7. Don't spend all the gold in one place when Ron finds some.

  8. Now I'll be watching for Ron on the TV series Gold Rush, or in case, "Lack of" Gold Rush! :cD

  9. Barbara - the $2 theater ($1 on Tuesdays) is at Superstition Springs Mall next door to the Cheesecake Factory. I think it's actually called Superstition Springs Picture Show.