Saturday, November 12, 2016

Home, then not

We made it back to our winter home in Mesa, Arizona, before the end of October.  We were surprised to see our lemon tree (what was left of it) had broken off near the base.  This was an opportunity to bring out the manly tools.

Ron and our very helpful neighbor Dean got busy digging and cutting.

But I was shocked at the method they employed.  I really thought this couldn't end well.

Well, I was wrong since the stump didn't budge.  So Ron just kept digging and cutting until he got it down below ground level.

But within a week, I was off again, this time flying to PA to visit my father.  We had a lovely week.  About a year ago, he took up a new hobby - target shooting.  Here he is with his long-barrel 22.

Don't mess with this 95-year-old.  He hit the target 25 out of 25 tries at 30-feet.

I also shot 10 rounds with not quite the same results.  I missed all 10 times, but I did hit the target of the guy next to me.  LOL

My daughters came for the weekend - what fun!  Walking around the neighborhood, we were surprised at the fall foliage still hanging on in early November.

My father is a fan of trains and photography, so he enjoys sitting along the tracks.  He took me to a small town that built a cute shelter for people like him.

We hit the jackpot when two trains passed while we were there.

In central PA you still see the other end of the transportation spectrum.


  1. That's great that your dad is such a sharp shooter. Way to go dad.

  2. That's great that your dad is such a sharp shooter. Way to go dad.

  3. I remember reading about your father from your earlier posts, a remarkable man.

  4. Your dad is doing so Good!! Sorry about your lemon tree...I used that method to pull up a Russian Olive and it worked! But you have to dig a big hole first and cut the tap root!

  5. Nice visit with your dad. Love the fall colors.