Thursday, April 15, 2010

Around Town

First of all, I know all of you are asking, "What the heck are you doing still in Mesa when it's hitting 90 degrees?" Well, the answer is Ron's finger.

Over a month ago, his finger mysteriously swelled up and turned red . . .

With an area of pealing skin. Since then he's been to the doctor five times, been on two different antibiotics, had an MRI and a CT scan. The doctor is baffled. It looks even worse now, but I didn't want to gross anybody out. Things might be looking up, though, at least it's starting to ooze. (Oops, gross, sorry)

Anyway, I thought I'd take some pictures of the local area. First, here is my cactus garden - planted with tiny cacti which will probably take ten years to grow appreciably.

But a couple of those tiny little cacti are blooming! This one was labeled 'red-headed Irishman'. I call her Jonetta.

And look at the size of the blooms on this tiny inch-tall cactus.

The ocatillo are in full leaf and flower instead of looking like dead sticks.

I always thought the flowers were red, but these are orange and yellow.

The century plants in front of my friendly neighborhood Walmart picked this year to impress me with their bloom.
Speaking of Walmart - the other day I was bummed because somebody was in MY parking spot. Then I thought, "MY parking spot??? I've definitely been here too long!"

Also the palo verde trees that usually look like this . . .

Have been transformed into things of beauty.

But my favorite is this gorgeous tree . . .

Covered with orchid-like blooms. Amazing, huh?


  1. What is that tree with the orchid-like flowers? Wish we had seen Ocotilla blooming like that.
    We sure hope Ron's finger gets well. It's really been a long time. Hang in there.

  2. I'm still waiting for saguaro pictures, but I guess thay aren't out yet.

    Only Ron would let you take pictures of his puss-filled finger for the blog -- that's some guy you got there!

  3. According to my trusty gardening book, the tree with the orchids looks like a Bauhinia variegata or purple orchid tree, for the common name - imagine that. I didn't label it because I'm just guessing really. But it is a beauty!

    The saguaros are in bud, but I still hope we're gone before they bloom. I did take them last year when we were here until the middle of May. Here's the link to that post -

  4. tell Ron that he might check to see if it isn't something like a bot-fly bite. they actually leave an egg inside, which hatches a larvae, and it grows underneath the skin. jon tremellin's dog had one, and I've read of others. for some reason the doctors know nothing about it. just a suggestion

  5. One of these days I'm going to stay in Arizona long enough to see everything bloom. Hope Ron's finger gets better so you two can head out!

  6. The pictures are gorgeous! OOPPS! Except for Ron's poor finger. What these guys won't do to help us with our blogs!!! I do think that was above and beyond the call of duty! :) Wish him well for us.

  7. Great desert bloom photos. The octillos are always a favorite. Hope the ouchie heals up so you can start your summer travels. Or did that finger problem develop when you realized that you would miss the saguaros in bloom. :-)

  8. Love the little cactus garden..wanted to bring some home but knew they would not survive the winter! Hope the finger is now on the mend!

  9. BOy those flowers and tree photos are awesome!! I love cacti they produce such beautiful flowers considering the plant is so spiny-
    wonder if a spider got a bite in on that finger??? Hopefully it will heal with no problems!!