Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Around Town

Beginning in our own front yard.

Last Sunday we trimmed the palm tree (well Ron trimmed and I picked up,) and we discovered that a dove had nested on one of the fronds. Ron snapped a good picture of the babies while he was up on the ladder. The one on the left is facing away and the right one has his head toward the camera.

Today, just four days later, they're alert and watching us as we move around on the ground. Although it's really windy today and maybe they're just holding on for dear life.

There's a very creative artist around the corner who painted his fence to match his landscaping. Although the oranges are off the tree, they're still depicted on the fence. In the lower left he also added some quail to his barrel cactus.

In another area, he continued the theme and even ran over onto the neighbor's fence with a roadrunner. (Well, you know you can't control those roadrunners.)

This barrel cactus has flowers that are more green than yellow. Interesting.

But my favorite cactus flower in the neighborhood was this one.

These magnificent blooms were on a tiny cactus. I don't know what kind it is, but I plan to ask the owners.

I wonder if this guy is an escaped pet.

I took the next two pictures in early April. This is the beginning of the new crop of lemons. (Since we acquired the trees, we found that the peak month for citrus is February and you better pick it all by the end of March when the new ones start.) All our citrus trees have a lot (LOT!!!) of new fruit and all are about 1/2 inch.

Except these three lemons which are about 2 inches. What's up with that?

For those of you who inquired about the saguaros (alright, just Diana,) they are now coming into bloom. I guess they really appreciated all the rain we had in January, because they are unusually prolific this year.

As you can see they are just packed with flower buds.

But the blooms are still out of reach so I'm re-posting my pictures from last year when I dragged the 7-foot ladder down the street . . .

And took this close-up of one of the blossoms.


  1. I like the fence artist. It certainly adds to what would just be a boring fence. Those cactus flowers are fantastic.

  2. Boy, it is hard to pick a favorite picture! The saguaro blooms must come first...but your neighbor's fence is a close second! What a great idea. Good luck with that bird. It looks like a parakeet bill, but who knows. It isn't a parakeet, but a close cousin, perhaps???

  3. Don't you love the baby doves? And the saguaro flower is great--even if it is from last year. Will you be out of there soon?

  4. Oh WOW, I wish I was there to see the saguaro bloom - thanks for the pictures, they're all great.

  5. Hi, it never ceases to amaze how beautiful nature is. As many times as I have been in AZ I have yet to be there during the spring bloom. How's the finger? Karen

  6. What creative neighbors! I love the artwork. Glad I am finally getting to see some cactus flowers. I knew we were leaving too early!

  7. Fantastic cacti, what are the holes in them?

  8. Thanks for sharing the pixs. The baby Doves are so cute. And that fence artist is great.

  9. THE baby birds are so cute they fledge in no time...WHAT a creative artist at work on that fence..THATs a wonderful idea...Love all the photos..

  10. Hi Barbara and Ron,
    Have you ever clicked, "next blog" before? I was on CherylK's blog, and arrived on your blog by doing that.

    I love what the neighbor did on his fence. I have a garden across the street, and have permission to paint over the graffiti left by the people who lived in the house previously. I am not an artist. I was thinking about painting over the area in blue, the same color as the graffiti, and then painting some clouds or something. I wonder what would happen if I tried matching what's back there. I'll have to ponder that.

    Those cactus plants and blooms are beautiful! They are huge! I've never seen anything like that.

    I hope Ron's finger is continuing to heal. I didn't get in on it from the beginning, but it reminds me of my sister's foot. She was having pain, and they thought it may have been a stress fracture. She was given a cortisone shot, then it became infected. She's had all kinds of problems, and was hospitalized for awhile. She has been on a number of strong antibiotics, and at one point, it was lanced. I think that part of it healed, but she is still having problems with the foot, and was wearing a boot last time I talked to her.

    There sure are some odd infections going around. Is your thumb OK now? I didn't get in on the beginning of that, either.