Monday, April 26, 2010

Finger Update

After six weeks of messing around taking antibiotics with little effect, last Friday we took Ron's finger to a hand specialist. Although I think the doctor would have continued the 'wait and see' attitude, Ron pushed for action and the doctor scheduled him for surgery today.

Here's the poor digit now. We can only hope they got all the bad stuff out.

While in there, the doctor said he would take a culture to check for both bacteria (which came back negative last time) and fungus which was suggested by our WIN friend Karen who had seen similar symptoms during her nursing in ER. Antibiotics do not cure fungal infections, so we really pushed the doctor to check for that. I think I saw some eye rolling and Ron saw the nurse wink at the doctor. We don't care as long as they do it.

But look! He's still smiling.

And here is what I think are the villains in this story.

Shortly before the beginning of this tragic saga, Ron trimmed these rose bushes. Rose thorns are known to transmit fungus. Ironically, I don't like roses and had threatened to cut them down which is why Ron did the trimming this year. Next year they're going!


  1. Wow! Bless your heart (and finger) in the hopes that this malady will soon come to an end so that you can turn your thoughts to more important things like traveling! Good luck!

  2. Butbutbut, the roses are beautiful. Gloves my man, gloves.
    Hope all is well soon.

  3. OUCH!!! Poor Ron. Tell him we sympathise (sp?). Last year Ted got stabbed by the point on a century plant and he suffered a long time!!! I don't like roses either, but those bushes are pretty.

  4. Good luck with the finger. Thats a very impressive piece of bandaging! I always say I'll wear gardening gloves, but thats usually after I have been scratched , stabbed etc.

  5. I hate that Ron has gone through all of this but at least he is still smiling, perhaps because he knows y'all will soon be on the road. I hope so.

  6. That sure is a gigantic bandage! I hope they got whatever it was. The roses are so nicely trimmed now - maybe you should keep them and never let Ron near them again!

  7. So, it sounds like his problems started with a puncture, too. I forgot to mention my sister's foot swelled badly, too. It's the top of her foot.