Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fast Times at the Retirement Home

I think I mentioned before that a nearby retirement home (or community, as they call it) has a monthly dinner when they invite all the neighbors. For the amazing price of $1.99, they offer a tasty entree, usually 'all-you-can-eat'. Today was the day and this month was Beef Bourguignon, which the employee who answered my phone call said was Barbecue. I guess he couldn't pronounce Bourguignon and if it wasn't for Google, I wouldn't be able to spell it.

Anyway we joined our neighbors and their friends for the meal which also included entertainment. When the band practically dared the audience to get up and dance, Ron took up the challenge. We danced a jitterbug and went through our repertoire of about six moves, stunning the other attendees and the band who all applauded us at the end of the song. There's nothing like a lack of competition to make us look good. :-D

We were on a roll. Then they called a name for a door prize. It sounded like Ron &%*#%*. I said, "Ron, that's you!" He went up for his prize which was a bag of York Pieces and a $20 gift card to IHOP! Cool!!! Unfortunately, a few minutes later, one of the workers came over and said the winner's last name was Korman. Oops! How embarrassing. But since Mr. Korman had already gone home, the kid (hey, he was under 40) said Ron was a winner in his book and we got to keep the prize. Lesson learned - just say your name is whatever they call! LOL

Here's Ron showing off his prize. Can things get any more exciting?


  1. Good dancing! Next time get a picture of the food.

  2. We are so easily entertained!!!! Does that mean we mellow as we age...or that so much else just passes us by? (I don't want to know the answer!)