Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Perfect Town

Next we were off to one of my very favorite places - Salida, CO.  This place has it all.  There's gorgeous and almost unlimited public land a few miles west of town (coordinates are 38.55431, -106.11692.)
And a handy dump with water at the visitors center in town (donation requested.)

The town is large enough to have a Super Walmart, but still retains its small town charm with a booming downtown.

There are a lot of craftsmen, cute shops, and places to eat.

And the town is situated along the scenic Arkansas River.

Which calls to fishermen like Ron and is perfect for kayakers and rafters.

There are numerous hiking, mountain biking, and horse trails throughout the surrounding mountains.  We took Rainbow Trail from Poncho Pass, which was quite a climb to dizzying heights.

And an easier hike right from our RV parked on top of the mesa.

The drive east from town through Bighorn Sheep Canyon is pretty too.

Salida is at 7200 feet which keeps it cool in the summer, but because of some 'banana belt' effect, it doesn't get too cold in the winter.

I know this must sound like a plug for Salida, but I just can't help myself.  It's simply a perfect town.


  1. Don't get any ideas about putting your AZ home up for sale...

    But that area is so beautiful, I could understand if you did. :c)

  2. Maybe we will have to go there again and see if we think it is perfect. I think I've always like Buena Vista better, but we will have to check them out again.

  3. Buena Vista is a gorgeous place as John n Carol mentioned...I've never stopped in Salida but it sounds WORTH a second look for sure!!

  4. Sure looks like a lovely town -- no harm in putting in a plug ... as long as it doesn't cause the town to be overrun with RVers before we get there :-))