Thursday, August 30, 2012

On Walden Pond

Well, not really.  But we did stay for several days at South Delaney Butte Lake, about 10 west of Walden, CO.  Another great place for Ron to use his Colorado fishing license and free, free, free.

Here we are parked at the base of Delaney Butte.

There were a few other people there.  This guy had an inflatable boat and multiple fishing poles.

The wildlife entertained us.  This mommy duck stayed between her babies and the white-faced ibis (or is that ibises?)

We drove around one day and appreciated this pastoral scene.

And I was thrilled when this Pronghorn posed for a picture alongside the road.

We even spotted a moose in downtown Walden.

But back to the title, closer to town is Walden Reservoir.  However, with the water being low, I commented that it was more like a pond.


  1. That looks to be a serene and peaceful setting to just get away from it all. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Free is good. Sure helps the budget. I'd be afraid of being an an inflatable boat with fishing poles, with my luck it would be punctured by a hook in no time!

  3. How did you get the moose to stand still for you :-))) Looking forward to seeing some pronghorns someday -- in the wild, that is.

  4. What a beautiful spot away from the crowds! Great wildlife shots too!!

  5. What great photos, especially the butte and reflection. Those type of pictures are my favorite.

  6. Woo-hoo! Looks like a great spot!