Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Blessings

There is one more reason we spent two weeks in the Denver area; that’s where Ron’s two daughters and their families live.

Here is the newest addition.  Little Harper is six months old here and without any bias or prejudice, I can honestly state that he is the cutest baby in the world.

We wanted to keep him, but Kelli and Sean selfishly refused.

But after years of talking about it, we finally took Kim and Tom’s two with us for a couple of days.  Here are Adam and Shannon all buckled in and ready for the drive into the mountains.

We stayed in a campground on Lake Dillon. 

The first day was rainy and just dreary and we filled our time with playing games and taking a walk around the campground, but it did clear up in the evening so we could make s’mores.  Yes, we actually had a campfire because otherwise it just wouldn’t be camping.

Happily, the next day was gorgeous!  Lake Dillon is still pretty even with the water down from the summer usage.  Of course this is just a little piece of it.

Ron took Adam fishing.

We rode part of the back path around the lake.

I should have a sign on my bike that says, "I brake for flowers."

Is there anything cuter that a little girl in a bike helmet?

We even got Ron’s kayak off the top of the car and they took turns paddling around.  Adam really loved it.

While Shannon didn’t like the ‘fish water’ dripping on her off the paddle.

Once again we ended the day with s’mores.  Since we ran out of chocolate bars, we used chocolate syrup.  That wasn’t as good.
Do you think Shannon might be getting tired of posing?

Kim came to pick them up the next morning.  That was all the time the kids could spare out of their busy schedule.  I think they had a good time though and we enjoyed having them.  

Now I'm only a week behind!


  1. Time with grandkids is always special. Those memories will stay with them forever.

  2. Ron, your grandchildren are adorable! I loved all the pictures.

  3. How nice to be able to take the grandkids camping, it puts a whole new spin on having fun.

    They are really cute kids, great smiles all around. Something that they inheirited from Ron, I'm sure.

  4. Definitely a beautiful baby and the other grandkids are good looking, too. Next time, get canned chocolate frosting instead of candy or syrup. It works well.

  5. Cant beat quality time with Family! The Baby is VERY CUTE!