Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How Do You Move a Mountain

We did another day trip to Cripple Creek and Victor which are also former mining boom towns.

It's nice to know the miners had good coffee and internet service.

But Cripple Creek has reincarnated itself as a gambling town.  Perhaps not such a huge difference since the miners were the biggest gamblers of all.

Great mural!

They have a tourist train that travels just a few miles out of town before reversing back.  This little engine reminded me of the children's book about Thomas the Engine.

And for my father I had to take the other one too.
Also very cute for an engine.

Then we continued on to Victor.  On the way we passed this brand new bridge that was built by the local mining company when they decided to bury the old one with their tailings.

Yes, the mining industry is alive and well up in the hills around Victor.  You would think the town would be bustling, but I guess that's not where all the workers live.

In the gigantic surface mine operation, they are mining primarily for GOLD.  Eureka!

Those tiny dots are pieces of equipment of unimaginable size.

I caught one on the road we crossed to access the viewpoint, but Ron wouldn't run out and stand next to it for size.  (Hey, at least I didn't say in front of it.)

Also at the overlook, was the remains of a mine that originated in the late 1800's.  It wasn't until 1936 that a rich strike was made 2000 feet below.

So the answer to the question of how to move a mountain is one truck load at a time.


  1. I thought the name Cripple Creek rang a bell, and after Googling it I found that it was a song by The Band from the 1970's. Huge trucks, I bet it was good fun just watching them manourvering around that site.

  2. Wonderful photos...loved the Cripple Creek window photo!

  3. That is one huge truck. Maybe I should buy one, it should be big enough to carry all my bonnie bride's shoes! ;c)

  4. Thomas! My son was a huge Thomas fan back in the day. I used to have to listen to that theme music every day! But the best part was George Carlin as the narrator. Surprisingly he really was very good. Thanks for making me smile today!

  5. We saw one of those giant Tonka trucks on display in Hinton, Canada ... Mui was drooling ... and yes, we have pictures to prove perspective.

    That train could have been the inspiration for Thomas, no doubt about it. My nephew was into trains big time, and each time I went to Turkey to visit, I'd take him a couple for his collection.

  6. WE took a ride on that narrow guage RR in Cripple Creek, it was fun!! ITS a shame they are tearing up the mountains...

  7. A great post. I really enjoyed looking at the open pit mining pictures. My mother grew up in Victor and we have been there often. But that operation is new since our last visit. Thanks.