Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mt. Evans

Another thing that I've been wanting to do in the Denver area is drive to the top of Mt. Evans.  Ron and I attempted it in July one year and were stopped by snow!  It's pretty special because you can drive to the top of a 14er, but the attraction for me is the wildlife.

The mountain goats are magnificent and not shy around people.  Happily, it's not because they are begging or  people feed them, but they are just so used to humans, that they don't care and go about their business.

Mommies and babies.

I can't stop.

Finally we tore ourselves away and climbed the final hundred or so feet to the summit from the parking lot.

Whew!  We made it.  Okay, the view is pretty fantastic.

(Credit for the photo goes to sister Diana.)  For those of you wondering why Diana was there again when she posted about Mt. Evans five days ago, it's because I'm still catching up to myself.  We were there the same day, but you can see that I am getting close.

On the way back down, we saw a bonus - Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.  More cute babies.

One of the little guys got hungry.

We stopped at pretty Summit Lake.

Now a little about the road - it was scary.  First there was the frost-heaved section - a free roller coaster ride.

But mostly, (did I mention?) it was scary.

Luckily they marked where the road is crumbling away.

However if you can tear yourself away from watching the road long enough, there was a pretty nice view.

Oh, and one more bit of wildlife - this marmot was wondering what all the fuss was about.


  1. Don't you just love (no, I mean hate) the frost heave? Glad you got to see the wildlife and the views.

  2. Thanks for the pictures, now I have to add this to my list for next spring.

  3. That picture of the roller coaster road is hysterical!

  4. OH that road reminds me of Independence Pass from Aspen to Twin Lakes..its pretty hairy...LOVE That roller coaster shot..and the ANIMALS of course and thats a super shot of you two!! SO you're almost caught up...MY summer has been pretty borin, work drama, and divorce lawyers omg what a yr.

  5. Great wildlife photos ... I love the mountain goats; like you say they aren't shy and that allows for the most photogenic images.

  6. That picture of you and Ron is a money shot! Will we see it on your Christmas card? ;c)