Friday, September 21, 2012

A Feast for the Eyes

While in Salt Lake City, we were told that we HAD to go to Fish Lake.  Well, I did the research and discovered the lake is at 9000 feet.  Yikes!  Too high for this late in the year.  So we went to Koosharem Reservoir, right on Utah 24 and 23 miles south of Interstate 70.  It's at 'only' 7000 feet and a great place for boondocking.

But we did take the car up to nearby Fish Lake and were very glad we did.  The lake itself is surrounded by lush hills and lovely at any time of the year.  But what really made it spectacular was the fall foliage.  I have never seen such colorful aspen trees.
We pulled over into a parking area

And followed this sweet trail

To the shoreline of the lake.

I know I'm going crazy, but I just can't help it.  I was drawn to this perfect leaf.

While Ron checked out this tree.  The beavers had chewed almost all the way through, but the tree hung up in another one when it fell.

Of course, Ron, being the helpful person he is, tried to give the critters a little help.

Unfortunately, the tree wouldn't budge, but he tried.

Back in the car, we continued on our drive, stopping often for yet another picture.

And ended up at nearby Johnson Valley Reservoir where even the rocks are colorful.

We are still seeing some smoke from Idaho.  During the last couple of days in Salt Lake area, we couldn't see the Wasatch Mountains that tower over the city.  You could even smell the smoke.  It's better here, but still hazy.


  1. Great shots od the fall colors.
    This is one thing I miss being from Ohio .

  2. yep it is getting to be fall and the start of the migration of the snow birds

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year, right after Winter, Spring and Summer!

    Those trees are really beautiful as is that leaf. I can see why you're drawn to even the little things of nature's beauty.

  4. It is a great year for the aspens, isn't it?
    What is about guys, wanting to push over trees?

  5. Huh ... we lived in SLC for 8 years and no one told us to go to Fish Lake ... will have to go back and check it out; gorgeous falls colors.

  6. Beautiful fall colors - thanks or sharing...

  7. We stayed at Koosharem Reservoir this spring for a night. And Fish Lake sounds familiar too, but can't remember... Great butt shot!

  8. Beaiful colours in the photos. I'm looking forward to out autumn colours, the leaves are just beginning to change. Our rainfall keeps the greener for longer.