Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our City Fix

We had a great week in Midvale, Utah, doing all those things we do when we hit a city.  In addition to spending lots of time with Ron's son Jim, we hit all the thrift stores, I got my hair cut, we stocked up on groceries and ate out a lot, and we bought a new sink for the bathroom.  Ron already replaced the kitchen sink last winter and now is anxious to tackle the bathroom one.  Yep, he has to have a project.

There is a really nice biking/walking path along the Jordon River and one day we walked part of it.  The river carries water from the Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake and was really rushing.  We were surprised there weren't any kayakers on it.

And I asked Jim, who has a landscaping business, to show us some of the places he has done.  I especially loved this yard.

And I really liked this unique fountain and the Scottish moss growing between the flagstones.

His customers were all very friendly and greeted us like long-lost friends, but we had to stop the tour because they all said, "Oh, Jim, we were just about to call you."  I guess there's always more to be done.

So now we're off and running, heading south, eventually returning to our winter home in Mesa.  But don't hold  your breath, it will take us awhile.


  1. Looks like you both are taking time to stop and smell the roses and it looks like a wonderful time in your lives. Well deserved, I am sure.


  2. Great looking yards, I'd love to have a designer do my yard!!

  3. Please take your time going home. I'll miss all the neat places you find on your travels. :c(

  4. Moss in Utah? That's probably not easy to accomplish! He does beautiful work.

  5. It's not winter yet so you cant return. I hope you photgraph Rons winter project.