Saturday, September 15, 2012

Across Utah

Since my last post, we have zoomed across Utah to Midvale, just south of Salt Lake City.

We spent one night at Starvation Reservoir.  I'm sure there's some terrible story about this place.  I guess the lack of vegetation might be a clue.

We moved on to Strawberry Reservoir because that sounded so much nicer.

We stayed three days up in the cool before heading across the Wasatch mountains into Midvale.  We passed some more signs of autumn.

As we normally do when staying in a highly populated area, we looked for an Elks, Moose, or Eagles lodge. No Elks or Moose, but there was an Eagles.  When we arrived, the lodge looked suspiciously deserted.  A very nice lady saw us drive in and explained that she had been the bartender there and the lodge had just closed the first of the month.  Although most lodges complain about decreased membership, I think this is the first lodge we've seen that has closed.  So sad.

The good news is that she invited us to park there anyway.  If the cops try to move us along, we're going to use her name.  We're having fun watching the local gardeners tend their plots in the community garden right outside our front window.
(It's larger than it looks in this picture.)

However the reason why we're here is to spend some time with Ron's son Jim.  We seem to visit his girls fairly often, but poor Jim gets left out.  We'll be here about a week, so I guess he'll have his fill.  In addition, Ron is spending time at the Mormon Family Research Center doing some genealogical research and I'm hitting the local thrift stores, one of my favorite things to do.

I also had to replace some mugs and bowls that came to a bad end.  Rounding a corner in Vernal, which didn't look dangerous, three of the cupboards came open and all the bowls and some mugs fell out.  Although we use paper plates for dinners, we like our Corelle bowls for cereal and salads.  As I'm sure everybody knows, when they break, it's a real mess.  I should have taken a picture, but we were just too shocked to think of it.

And now for the first time all summer, I am current on the blog and we are actually here in Midvale.  We'll see how long my timeliness lasts.


  1. Lived in SLC for eight years ... ahh, the memories.

  2. Since you are current, I can give you sympathy about the broken dishes. We understand the mess when things move during travel.

  3. Have a great time with Jim. Sorry about the dishes, but it's a good excuse to go shopping. I stayed at a closed lodge in North Carolina and they even had electricity! The neighbors called the police, but the cops had no problem with our staying there.

  4. We've yet to have our first broken dish experience, but today we did have our first crockpot spill.

    We often set the crockpot to cook while we're traveling so we have dinner ready when we stop for the night. Unfortunately, we had to make a hard stop on the highway duer to some idiot driver and the whole thing tipped over in the sink. :cO