Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 11

Back to the lower 48

Bright and early (8 AM), we arrived in Vancouver.  I'm sorry to say we didn't see much of it during the bus ride to the airport.  I had been there years ago and it is a nice place.

When we boarded the plane, we actually walked out on the tarmac and climbed in.  I was pretty surprised until I remembered we were only a short hop away from Seattle and our connecting flight to Denver.

Visibility was good and we had a good view of (what I'm pretty sure is) Mt. Baker.

And I zoomed in on Mt. Rainier.

(Too bad Mt. McKinley didn't cooperate like that.)

In all, we traveled 1786 nautical miles, which I had to google and multiply to convert to 2055 land miles.  Although it looks like we had lousy weather when I read back over the blog, it didn't seem that bad or to interfere much with our fun.  Ironically, we had picked June for our trip because the weather is supposed to be better then.  So much for that. We really like the NCL freestyle cruising with the option to eat anytime and we wore jeans and hiking shoes or sneakers the entire trip.  I know that's not for everyone, but we don't particularly like to dress up.

One last short video.  Turn your volume way up and listen to what this water fountain does.  You should have seen the reactions when thirsty travelers in the Seattle airport tried to use it.  (My model Ron was expecting it.  I should have had him do some acting.)


  1. Well, I really enjoyed your trip - bad weather and all! You made it all sound fun.

  2. Living where we do and our climate if you waited for good weather you'd never do anything. A great trip. I'm with you on cruising and dressing up. In my book as long as you are clean and tidily dressed for meals then thats it.

  3. I put on Jeans TO DRESS UP! I can dress down so far its amazing..I hate to dress up. I would prefer to eat when I'm hungry and wear what I like.
    A fountain with sound effects now that is cool! You had a great trip...I enjoyed reading about it ans checking out your photos!! All great ones.

  4. That would definitely be my type of cruise. The dressing up thing doesn't exist in my world. I had such a great time tagging along with you guys. It was wonderful.

  5. Jeans? All I want to wear is shorts, at least until it gets down to 40 degrees. I do like the sound of NCL freestyle cruising, I don't want to get dressed up on a vacation, I spent enough time over my career traveling with suits packed in a suitcase. They don't do well like that. ;c)

  6. That does sound like a good cruise. One reason we've never been interested is the dressing up for dinner part!

  7. What a super trip!! Thanks for sharing. It was fun to recognize some of the places.

  8. If there is one word to describe Alaska's weather ... it would be finicky. We went in June (13 years ago) and the weather was fantastic the entire 18 days ... the only rain I remember having was in Ketchikan ... big surprise!!!

    Thanks for taking me back to Alaska ... one of my favorite states. We'll be doing an NCL cruise with friends ... yours is the second "thumbs up" for this cruiseline ... that's a good thing. Our days of dressing up on cruises is past ... so we're looking forward to it.

  9. That should read ... "looking forward to a more casual experience."