Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Catching Up

I'm finally writing about the state that we're still in.  We left the comfort of Mike's driveway and moved the 22 miles to the Moose in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  This Moose has electrical hookups, but thankfully we were in the Polar Vortex and didn't need them.  The Moose Lodge is in a nice quiet area and we really appreciate not having to dodge campfires.

Every Saturday there is a wonderful farmers market/craft show/whatever downtown and this Saturday also happened to be the annual 'Taste of Wisconsin'.  You would not believe all the people at both events.

Yep, this is Wisconsin.

I asked these girls if they were like 'Two Broke Girls', the TV show about two girls trying to start a cupcake business.  They said yes, but there are four of them.

Something that was being sold in another booth was cronuts - a cross between a croissant and a donut.  We had to try one.
It was airy in the center like a croissant, but kind of tasteless.  It needed lots more sugar.  We ate it anyway because we paid good money for it.

Ron was happy with his brat and beer.  (Note the wrist band designating him as old enough to drink.)

I really liked Kenosha.  It's one of those towns that is just the right size and, with its location right on Lake Michigan, it's very picturesque.

And we discovered the best grocery store there - Woodman's.  It is a chain, but only in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Their selection is unbelievable.  Ron only cared that they had his Danish Kringle.


  1. So glad you liked the closest thing I guess I have to a "home" city! Still can't believe I missed Taste of Wisconsin. I'm setting up that calendar on the iPhone this weekend for sure.

  2. Glad they carded Ron. Underage drinking is a real problem... :cD

    I'm not impressed with Cronuts, either. They certainly are not worth the price.

  3. I heard the lines go out the door in NYC to buy a Cronut..sounds like you were not impressed with it. I saw that same light house on lake Michigan when I drove up from Indiana to add Wisconsin to my states list. I would like to have seen more!!