Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 7 (part 2)

Around Juneau

I don't always tour the state capitol buildings as we travel, but I figured I had the time and was never going to get to Juneau again.  I called Ron who happened to be atop the Mount Roberts Tramway and unavailable to accompany me.

I got a kick out of the building.  Sure it was nice, but nothing like other capitols that I have seen.  Maybe it's the practical nature of the Alaskans to not go too overboard.  Or maybe the lack of ostentation is because it was completed in 1931 as the Federal and Territorial Building, 28 years before Alaska became a state.

Just inside the entrance, were two clay fired sculptures.  This one is called Harvest of the Sea.

I was fortunate to arrive just as a tour was beginning so I tagged along.  The Senate side was closed and having some work done.  This is the House Finance Committee Room, once a Federal Courtroom..

The room used by the House Majority Caucus was nice,

but what made it special was a really lovely hand-stenciled ceiling that escaped any remodeling since the original construction.

It looks like Sarah Palin has been the only female governor so far.

We finished with the House Chambers.

Representative Gara seems to have quite a sense of humor.

In front of the building is a copy of the Liberty Bell, without the crack.  Interesting, I thought, since one was given to every state in 1950 as part of a promotional campaign for U.S. Savings Bonds.  Being a Pennsylvania girl, I can't picture the Liberty Bell without its famous crack.

Walking back to the ship, I passed one of the two most famous bars in Alaska, according to our bus tour guide.

Mr. Juneau provides a scenic background for the town.

And although I didn't think to bring a camera for Ron to use on his tour, this is the tramway that took him 1800 feet up Mt. Roberts in six minutes.


  1. I kind of like that practical building. Most of the capital buildings are beautiful though.

  2. Possibly the Alaskan practicality is brought on by the harsh weather that they experience. Rep Gara seems to have it!

  3. That Liberty Bell without the crack seemed wrong in so many ways. You'd think they'd want an exact replica.

    Maybe they should try ringing it in the winter, the cold could cause the metal to crack...then it would look right. :c)

  4. Is the Red Dog supposed to be the one from Northern Exposure? I used to love that show.
    Nice tour of the Capital building! Did you draw a mustache on S. Palin's photo?

  5. Thanks for the tour of the Capital ... we went on a whale watching trip and then over to Mendenhall Glacier, so never did see much of the town itself.