Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the Road Again

Back in the Denver area, we couldn't believe how HOT it was.  Although it might have been nice to sit still for a few days, we had to move.

The first stop was Fort Morgan, CO, which has a free city park with electricity just sufficient to keep your batteries charged.  But, really, what do you want for free?  We parked under the nice shade trees for a couple of days and just rested.  The park is really nice, but right next to the highway if traffic noise bothers you.

Next we crossed into Nebraska and spent one night at lovely Lake McConaughy, just north of Ogallala ($13 for no hookups which explains the one-day stay.)

This was the first of nine nights it took us to pass through Nebraska.  That's moving pretty quickly for us.

We decided to take US 30 through Nebraska instead of Interstate 80.  It was a pretty relaxing way to go and, compared to the part of I 80 that we did take, a smoother road.  As an added benefit, it parallels the Union Pacific's main line.  I swear there were trains every 15 minutes.

As depicted in this roadside mural, US 30 is called the Lincoln Highway.  I snapped this when we stopped to change drivers.  Yes, we went a total of 62 miles and it took two of us to do it.

Our destination for the day was North Platte, NE, home of the Union Pacific's Bailey Yard, the world's largest train yard.  The UP has built a viewing tower for all the train enthusiasts - the Golden Spike Tower.

The yard is immense and to really see it all you would need a tower the height of the Washington Monument.  Here's the engine repair facility.

What I thought was the most interesting was the retired railroad employee who was there to answer questions.

For those of you who are statistic lovers, here are some interesting ones.

We spent two nights in Cody Park, surely one of the best city parks anywhere.  At $5 a night (no hookups), it is just our kind of place.  We could see the North Platte River out our window.  Obviously it's easier to cross now than when the pioneers were following it west.

One day we looked out to this strange scene.  What do you make of it?

More on this amazing city park next post.


  1. 62 miles and two drivers - I love it. That has got to be the strangest, ugliest place to propose I've ever seen.

  2. Well, that was our first thought, but he didn't have a ring and they purposely positioned themselves right by the puddle. Ron thought maybe that's where they met when he drove by and splashed her. What a romantic, that Ron.

  3. We will be staying at Cody park next spring. We are going to follow Rt 83 from Larado, TX to Manitoba. We'll miss you guys this winter in AZ. Going to tour around TX.

  4. Make sure you go to the Great Platte River Road Monument (it spans the freeway). If you need a pretty campground in the area, try Ft. Kearney State Park Campground. it has water and electric hook-ups.

    See my blog from Aug. 2012: http://travelbug-susan.blogspot.com/2012/08/transportation-stations-sun-aug-26.html

  5. Oops, re-read your blog. Sounds like you're already out of Nebraska. Ignore previous comment of mine.

  6. well it looks like a proposal while standing in a mud puddle! hmm
    I've ridden lost of subways and the LIRR and some narrow guage RR's and even Tweetsie RR but never took my luggage on a train and went on a trip!

  7. Some of those subways did seem lost...lol but I meant lots of course!

  8. Looks like a proposal in a puddle ... methinks there is a story behind this ... and it's not much different from what Ron thought.