Friday, April 3, 2009

Before and After

We are making progress on our little house and it even is starting to feel like home. Ron had to practically force me to move out of the RV, but we've been in the house for a couple of weeks now. Every day we bring in more stuff from the rig. I can't imagine taking it back out when it's time to leave. How do people do it?

We have a couple more rooms finished while others are still in progress. The kitchen is done with the addition of a table and my mother's cross stitch pictures.

The master bathroom is also done. This was a huge job since Ron recessed a 36" mirrored medicine cabinet over the vanity. Here's the original bathroom.

Ron fearlessly cut into the wall and framed it in to add support. He was surprised to find 2x6" studs - he was expecting 2x4s.

Now we have to buy more drugs to fill the huge medicine cabinet!

And remember the fan blades I tried to paint so incompetently that Ron fired me? Ron took over the job and did his usual fine work. This is the original fan. . .

And here is the improved version. He used spray paint, but knew you can't hold the can too close to the object you're painting. BTW, he didn't paint over the gold design, but flipped the blades over and painted the other side.

And a big milestone - since we also bought a dining room table, we were able to have our first dinner guests. Pat and Harold were brave enough to accept our invitation. As my friends know, I am not a cook. I got pot roast since it was on sale (nothing but the best for my friends) and refused to be intimidated by the fact that I don't think I've ever made one. Fortunately the meat came with instructions! It was pretty good, although not exactly fork tender.


  1. Your house is looking better and better.

    What will Ron do next winter?

  2. The medicine cabinet looks great. Aren't men handy to have around?

    Glad your first dinner party went well.

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. House looks great. Ron is doing good but sure would hate to have to move your stuff back into the that's work.

  4. When I was a "vacation" RVer, I moved stuff back and forth between the rig and condo. I QUICKLY learned the value of double stuff, even make-up and toiletries!!! Looking good! Loved your picture in the mirror!

  5. It all looks wonderful. Can't wait to get back to Arizona so I can see it.

  6. Your home is looking lovely!
    It is hard work loading and unloading the coach but double stuff helps tremendously!

  7. Okay I know your a very busy couple but I just want you to know you and your photos are missed on flickr. With the smiles on your faces it must be good though so I guess I can wait. Happy 2009