Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bryce Canyon NP

Well, we HAD to stop at Bryce Canyon - surely the most unusual place on earth.

We were there on a cloudy afternoon, but luckily you can't really take a bad picture at Bryce. This is the view from Sunset Point.

But we wanted to go down among the hoodoos.

We took off down Navajo trail - lots of switchbacks lead to this much photographed tree.

Then we made a loop with the Queens Garden trail. Somebody got a little crazy with the trail markers.

Along the way, I found the spot where I took this very same picture about 15 years ago when I was here the first time with Diana. I don't think the little tree has grown at all.

And yes, it was cold up there at 8000 feet.

I call this 'Holding on by your toes.'

Luckily when we stopped at Bryce Point, the sun did peek out between the clouds for a minute.

Really, is there any other country that has the range of scenery found right here in the USA?


  1. I love that place. I hope to get back there again some day.

  2. Bryce is my absolute favorite NP. Thanks for the great pictures and memories.

  3. I feel like I'm always trying to catch up to you in the blog when we are traveling together. Great shots, especially considering the lack of sun.

  4. Great shots!! Does look a bit cold.

  5. Bryce is wonderful, not matter what the weather. Your photos are great. They bring back memories of our 3 months there as volunteers.