Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kings Canyon National Park

I promised more big trees and here they come! Ironically, these sequoias are in Kings Canyon NP, not Sequoia NP. What's with that? Anyway, we entered Kings Canyon and stopped at the General Grant grove. The General Grant tree is also a record holder with the largest diameter - 40 feet at the base. You'll have to see that one in person - they keep you too far away from it to appreciate the size in a picture. However, I have others.

I call this 'Giants in the Mist.'

This is a funny story.

It's hard to get a perspective on the size of these trees, but look at this one in comparison with the surrounding trees, which are actually pretty impressive as normal trees go.

For the curious, I climbed 100 feet up to the first branches so you could see what the needles/leaves look like.

I thought the four trees in the parking area were pretty cool - and they didn't even have names!

But on to the canyon. It's a long drive through national forest from the entrance section of Kings Canyon to the actual canyon. Pretty views, but we were battling clouds. The challenge is to cut out the gray sky.

I wanted to take this pretty rock with us, but it wasn't allowed (either by park rules or Ron.)

With all the snow melting, Grizzly Falls was in fine form.

Like Yosemite, Kings Canyon was shaped by glacier into a 'U' shape.

I could definitely see a resemblance to Yosemite.

Another shot on the way out. It's certainly an impressive drive.


  1. Remember what happened to Lucille Ball when she wanted to start a rock collection in The Long, Long Trailer :-)))

  2. Ron has no sense of humor. That rock would have looked great in your yard. I'm sure he could have figured out a way to slip it past the park rangers...

  3. Great post - I'm so glad you climbed up that tree for us!

  4. Wonderful shots of a wonderful place. Why is it that wifes always want you to bring back that huge rock or a tree stump for the garden....all hernia inducing in size!!!!!

  5. I was surprised to learn about King's Canyon also. Did not even know it existed. Great photos.

  6. I bet one could live in a tree that big!! What a special place your photos are awesome.