Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lake Shastina

And the many faces of Mt. Shasta.

For the past week, we have been staying in what is probably the best FREE campground in the world. Lake Shastina Public Access Campground is run by the county of Siskiyou and located outside of Weed, CA. We are parked right on the lake and, other than our WIN friends, the campground is remarkably empty.

Now for the faces - here we have Mt. Shasta in full sunlight.

Next, she appears softer in evening light. Those are our RVs parked on the right.

Finally, just as the sun drops below the horizon, the mountain top is tipped with pink. Pretty cool, huh?

The lake is home to hundreds of Western Grebes which stay too far away to photograph. But we caught these white pelicans and cormorants doing some cooperative fishing one day.

We've been pretty busy here with sightseeing, hiking, and potlucks. More about that next post.


  1. Views like that and free too! Sign me up.

  2. Great photos of Mt. Shasta! Wonder why nobody else is parked there with such wonderful views?


  3. Well I think you're in about the most beautiful place in the world..OMG and no crowds and FREE what is up with that? IS it a secret place?
    ALL the shots of Mt Shasta are awesome--the pink one is super!! Enjoy that view for me while I whittle away 4 more years on the hamster wheel till I can get out there and EXPLORE!!!!

  4. You have the best luck. Everytime I try to take pictures of those volcanos in the Pacific NW, they are always hiding in the clouds.

  5. Something in California that's FREE?! OMG!!

    Nice pictures.