Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today I received my computer back from HP after its hard drive crash. But what's really amazing is they saved my files, which in my world means my pictures! Wow! I'm doing a happy dance!

Although I'm again behind in the blog, I'm going to backtrack for just one posting to share the pictures I thought I had lost. We had such a wonderful time on Whidbey Island that I just have to do it. Whidbey Island is located in the San Juan Islands in the northwest corner of Washington.

To access Whidbey Island from the north, you drive a narrow double bridge over Deception Pass. Named by George Vancouver in 1792, the 'deception' was that at first he thought the island was a peninsula.

As I mentioned in a previous post (here), we stayed at Rocky Point Recreation Area. You can see how roomy the spaces are.

Here's Ron standing on the Deception Pass bridge. The tidal flow creates whirlpools and swift currents under the bridge, as well as exciting boating opportunities.

We took a day trip to Fort Casey State Park and the Admiralty Lighthouse.

Fort Casey was one of three forts built to defend the Puget Sound in the 1890s. Here's Ron manning one of the big guns.

One day 19 of us took a jet boat tour through Deception Pass.

We had such a good time. True to their promise, they didn't get us all wet. (The jet boats were just to navigate the tricky currents.) The guide was very knowledgeable, although his jokes were a bit too corny. Hey, I like a silly joke just fine, but there's a limit to how silly it should be.

Just look at all these happy faces!

Even the few people on the boat who weren't WINs posed for my picture.

At the end of the day, we walked down to watch the fishermen. It was a fitting farewell to a great place.


  1. San Juan islands has always seemed like a great place to live. It is in the top five places hat I might live if given the chance. Now, aren't you interested in the other four??? ;-)

    Glad you didn't lose your photos.

  2. What a relief to get your pictures back. Otherwise you'd have to retrace your travels and take them all over again.

    I'm sure you wouldn't want to do that... ;c)

  3. That's good news about your pics. I go into a panic when I miss place them on my computer when I'm organizing and sorting; can't imagine the thought of them completely disappearing.

    The boat ride looks fun! Once again great pics!! Cheers! ~M

  4. I'm so glad you got your pictures back. But I'm kind of suspicious - are you sure it's a new hard drive? Maybe they just fixed it. Or maybe it wasn't the hard drive after all. Are your programs still on it?

  5. Glad to hear you have all your pictures back. Have you backed them up, yet?

  6. Great news on the save ... now to back them up :-)))

  7. Im playing Catch UP myself...WOW I know you were glad to get these photos back..all great ones by the way! FUN was had by all that shows in the shots...Awesome spot for an adventure!!

  8. Ah, your making me homesick. So glad to see my state showing at it's very best. I've heard they are having a rare run of beautiful late summer weather.
    Not often one gets lost files back..your technology fairy worked overtime!