Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flaming! Gorge NRA

Our next stop was Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and flaming it is!

If I had a boat, this is where I would take it.  When at capacity, the reservoir is 91 miles long, with gorgeous cliffs and interesting inlets.  Here's the topo map from the visitor center at the dam.
(Don't let the size of those animals mislead you.)

The first picture was taken from the Red Canyon overlook.  Here's the view in the opposite direction.

You need to watch your step at the overlook.

Then we stopped at the Sheep Creek Overlook for more 180 degree views.  Here's the reservoir side.

And perhaps even prettier is Sheep Creek Canyon.

We took the Sheep Creek Canyon loop to see even more cool rock formations.  Here's Tower Rock.

I guess you know by now that I really like rocks and if they are colorful and/or swirly, that's even better.

We ended the day by stopping at Moose Lake.  We didn't see any moose, but did see something pretty special.   An osprey dove right in front of us and snatched his dinner out of the lake.  Here's my perfect shot of the osprey and fish.
Yep, I think I should send that one to National Geographic.  I'm sure they would want to publish it.


  1. Loved your photos of the gorge today. And the osprey, too! Quality material..I think you should submit it! ;-)

  2. Since I've never even come close to a shot of an osprey grabbing dinner, I think it's an amazing photo!

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  4. I'll try again..
    What a gorgeous gorge!
    YOU done good with that Osprey shot!!!

  5. Don't know about the osprey, but all the other photos were great. Have to go there some time.

  6. Looking at that map, they do have some mighty big animals out that way!

    That is some terrific shot of the osprey. Now you are ready to take some UFO shots. Every UFO picture I've seen is about the same clarity. You have trained well. ;c)

    The rest of your gorge pictures were entirely too clear. What happened?

  7. I have a Dinosaur/Flaming Gorge kayaking trip planned for sometime in the next couple of years. We bought 2 new single kayaks today and seeing your pics makes me wish I was packing up right now to go!! Great shots from the overlooks, I'll have to remember to take the time to see Flaming Gorge from the top as well as the bottom.