Thursday, October 4, 2012

Canyon Overlook

The main part of Zion has two roads - the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and route 9, which goes from less than 4000 feet at the south entrance to almost 6000 feet at the east entrance.  Most of this climb is accomplished in a section of impressive switchbacks.  But the highlight of the road is a one mile tunnel that was built in 1927-1930.  Vehicles over 11'4" or 7'10" have to drive down the middle of the tunnel and since there are always RVs driving this road, that means the tunnel is one way.

We decided to take the car up to the Canyon Overlook which is just on the east side of the tunnel.  Our wait wasn't long and personally I wouldn't be comfortable with two way traffic even in the Saturn.

There is a 1/2 mile trail to the actual overlook with some climbing and interesting trail construction.

The water seepage on this rock face created a nice vertical garden.

The view at the end was awe inspiring.
Naturally, they all have names from the West Temple on the left to the Sentinel on the far right.  But Ron noticed that the Altar of Sacrifice, slightly right of center, has blood dripping down it.   By the way, although people have occupied this area for thousands of years, the names came from the Mormons who settled here in the 1860's.

On the way back to the car, I almost missed this little guy who blended so well into the rock.

And coming back down the switchbacks, I couldn't resist snapping pictures out the window.

One more.


  1. Thanks for a different perspective I had not known about. Beautiful and looks like the weather is cooperating.

  2. What an incredible picture...of the lizard!

    The pictures of all them rocks were pretty good, too. ;c)

  3. I never realized how the Altar of Sacrifice got its name, but that makes sense. I always wonder why they don't just put a traffic light at the tunnel. Oh yeah, probably because they take in a million dollars a year (I estimated) by charging RVs $25 to go through.

  4. We had quite a wait when I went thru there...but the scenery is so amazing I hardly noticed! Great shots Barb!!!