Saturday, October 6, 2012


Zion National Park has joined other popular parks in utilizing a free shuttle bus service to decrease the amount of pollution and vehicular crowding on the scenic drive into the canyon.  I am all in favor of this and am especially happy to report that these buses run on propane.

But there is another side benefit and Ron and I took advantage of it the other day.  We loaded our bikes and ourselves on the bus and rode it up to the end of the canyon drive.

Since it's been so hot here, I pushed for us to begin our adventure early.  Well, I might have overdone that a bit.  We started out with jackets and could have used gloves.

The canyon was still in the shade for most of our ride, so my pictures don't show how absolutely gorgeous it all was.

We had the road to ourselves except for the buses which are not allowed to pass a moving bicycle.  So every 15 minutes, we pulled off while a bus passed us.  What a glorious feeling of freedom and a wonderful way to experience the canyon.

And except for one small section, the whole road is downhill!

By the time we reached the Court of the Patriarchs, the sun was shining brightly on the peaks.  From the left are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (the white peak on the far right, just peeking out from behind Mount Moroni.)

For the last 1.7 miles back to the visitor center, the canyon widens and the Pa'rus bike/foot trail follows along the Virgin River.

How fun!


  1. Beautiful pictures - I sure enjoyed them.

  2. You have reinvigorated me with your trip on bikes today. Makes me want to do the same here at home. Maybe I will. 39 degrees right now so maybe it will warm up. Thanks.

  3. Almost makes me want to get another bike. (Mine died from lack of use)

  4. what a great ride... on the list to do some do

  5. great photos...downhill bike rides are my favorite!

  6. FUN FUN FUN! I def want to see Zion again without the crowds at some point..y'all had a great idea!

  7. I rode my motorcycle through Zion years ago and believe that two wheels are the best way to see the park.

    Too bad you forgot your gloves. You still were able to click the camera and get some really "cool" pictures... ;c)

  8. One of my all-time favorite parks. I especially loved it in the winter time. Thanks for taking me back.