Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cutest Baby

Yes, here he is.  I know you've been waiting for more pictures.  Although I did take a few, the best shot is the one that Kelli sent from home.

Here's Harper all packed for the trip.

But before we get into our babysitting adventure, I have some good news.  I was under the impression that none of the Vegas casinos near the strip allowed RV parking unless you are staying in their hotel and not in your rig.  Thanks to a tip by the campground host at the Elks in St. George, we found the most perfect boondocking spot at The Orleans.  Located just about a mile west of the Strip, right on Tropicana Avenue, The Orleans has a GIANT lot for RVs and trucks.  We were there for three days.  It was perfect!

The Orleans might not be the most elaborate casino in Vegas, but it is the home of the 'big giant head.'

And the 'Country Alligator Jamboree.'

But the Monte Carlo where Ron's family stayed had girls who danced on the bar.
Gosh, I hope she gets paid a lot.

So last night was our big babysitting experience.  We thought, "We can do this.  Heck, between us, we had five kids."

It began very smoothly.  We took Harper around in his stroller, which he loved.

We stopped at the food court where Harper enjoyed some refreshing water.

Back at the room, we laughed at his fascination with this belt.  (You just can't trust Grandparents.)

But then things fell apart.  At bedtime he wouldn't take his bottle and just cried.  We tried everything to calm him down so he could fall asleep.  Nothing worked.  Finally Ron suggested we try just putting him in bed.  Well, Ron is a genius!  Within minutes, Harper was asleep.  I couldn't believe it.   To go from crying, even screaming, to asleep that fast seemed unbelievable.

Harper and his parents left this morning.  I don't know about him, but I'm still recovering.


  1. HE is really cute...glad you figured out to handle that situation.

  2. You we not kidding, Harper is one cute little man.

    How did he like the girls dancing on the bar?

    You're right, hopefully that girl dancing on the bar does get paid a lot, then she can buy some clothes! ;c)

  3. Thanks for the tip on The Orleans. And wow, that Harper is one gorgeous baby!

  4. ahh,y ou guys are great grandparents!! Harper loved hanging out with you, drinking water, seeing scantily-clad women, and getting lots of hugs, but I guess sometimes a guy just needs to get some sleep after a big night in Vegas. ;) thanks so much!!

  5. A cutie for sure ... all caught up with your posts now :-))