Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wrapping Up

After visiting with the relatives, we spent a week at the Las Vegas Campground in Lake Mead National Recreation Area with our WIN friends.  It's like a little oasis in the desert.

Since the WINs have a gathering in the area every year, we have been here many times.  Once again, we walked the new bridge (completed in 2010) for the best view of Hoover Dam.
For my Hoover Dam post from last year, click here.

We hiked the Bluff Trail out of the campground and even blazed our own trail on the return trip.  This is one place I don't mind doing that since you can see for miles in the desert.

And although we didn't go to Fremont Street this year, for a view of their spectacular light show, click here.

However, we also did some new things this year.  Greg, a WIN who lives in Las Vegas, invited us all over for a potluck.  The WINs have perfected the art of the potluck.  I made brownies and Ron picked up some frozen mini eclairs at Walmart - always a crowd favorite.

Here are some of the WINs with Greg in the back there.

He says his place is a work in progress.  I think he's one of those people who keeps finding more things to improve.  He has a gorgeous RV, but at this rate, he might never get on the road.  He even has a pool, but it was really windy that day and only Phil made an effort to try it.

We all had a great time as always.

Last night we went to Boulder City to attend a 50's show that was really fun.  Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera, but the singers were very talented and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was chair dancing.  And we stopped at the marina where they were having a Halloween party.  There were lots of great costumes with a plethora of pirates and wenches.   (Sorry, no pictures.)

This morning we left our friends to head back to Mesa.  After driving 203 miles, the most in one day all summer, we stopped at the Escapee Park in Congress, AZ.  Yes, we are in Congress and we didn't even run.

We're back to those pretty Arizona sunsets with a full moon bonus.  Tomorrow, we'll be back at our winter home, but I'll try to find something to write about.


  1. You sure didn't let any grass grow under your feet on this trip, not that much grass grows out West anyway.

    Now you, Ron and the motorhome can all rest up for the winter in Mesa. It does take a while to recharge your batteries.

    Not to worry about things to blog about, I'm sure Ron has a bunch of projects in mind. ;c)

  2. We will be back about 7pm at the Tempe Elk's. Moving the next day but check as to where and maybe we can get together.

  3. Home for Halloween. For me you the right approach to RVing and if I lived there its one I would adopt. For me there is a comfort in having a fixed base.."home", and yet still being able to enjoy the freedom of the road. The best of both worlds in fact. Looking forward to some pictures of the winter projects.

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