Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cars and More Cars

One morning Ron awoke to the sounds of many car doors slamming.  (I can sleep through anything.)  He looked out and saw a whole slew of photographers, tripods and all.  It seems they had come to our spot on Buttermilk Road to photograph the sunrise.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should get up for that.

The next morning, at 6:30, I was suddenly wide awake.  Those of you who know me know how unusual that is.  Well, for about 10 minutes, the mountains to the west of us were on fire.

Later on we headed into Bishop for the big car show and swap meet.  The car show was huge, certainly far bigger than I ever thought to see in little Bishop with its 4000 people.

It always disturbs me when the antique cars are younger than I am.

I'll just post a couple of my favorites, like this 1940 Willys Americar.

And this Voltswagon Bug that was converted into an RV.

The inside was pretty fancy too.

And this 4x4 Corvette.

It had very unusual paint which didn't photograph well, but changed color as you moved around it.  I'll post the stats on it for my daughter the Corvette lover.  Note the ostrich seats.

How about a 1948 Ford Anglia, manufactured by Ford in the United Kingdom.

This vehicle still had its original owner.

I really liked this 1927 Model T Ford towing a trailer.  You can't see the plates, but the trailer one says 'T Toad.'

And I was glad to see there were plenty of cars older than me.


  1. Your sunrise picture is really beautiful. But that VW RV is the best!!

  2. You could make a great toad for your MH out of that bug RV. Very clever.

    But who needs a 4WD Vette? Seems like a terrible waste of a nice car, or somebody had too much money and time on their hands! :cD

  3. I never thought about the fact that many of the antique cars were older than I am - scary!

  4. Loved the picture of the mountains on fire. That must have been really dramatic in person. And the color changing paint, my son had his motorcycle painted with that. The paint over 10 years ago was outrageously expensive, I want to say $300 for a quart.

  5. Great pic of the mountains at sunrise. Love those old cars too. I also never thought about the fact that I'm older than some of those antique cars!

  6. The car with the original owner was quite interesting. Looks like the taxi driver in the "Halloween Town" movies