Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Strike Two

In our quest for the perfect lake with the perfect trees, Diana and I headed up to South Lake.  This is the picture from the parking lot from when we were there 9 years ago.

This is what it looked like the other day.
Another lake gone dry and they need to cut down the trees blocking the view.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but a lot of people never go past the parking lot.

But we, being the intrepid photographers that we are, headed up the trail to search for a better view.  There were a few colorful aspens, but they were definitely past their peak.

Ah, there is some water in the lake, but it's way, way down.

The water level marks in the sand show the sad story.

We were joined on our drive by the antique cars which were participating in a 'poker run.'  It was really a strange sensation to be in the midst of all these old cars - like some kind of a time warp.

Once again we found more colorful trees on our trip down the hill.  This waterfall surprised us.  It didn't seem to have any origin.


  1. I like your comparison pictures. Sure has been dry around these parts.

  2. Driving with old cars like that would have given me flashbacks to my wild and mis-spent youth! ;c)

  3. what a shame its nearly dry...beautiful fall color tho, i love the antq. cars shot.

  4. That's an interesting shot of the changes in the lake water levels, I wonder if there is an underground water system that's draining the lake, especially as you could see no water source for that waterfall.