Sunday, October 20, 2013


Leaving Pahrump, we took three days to drive the 57 miles to Las Vegas when we stopped halfway for two nights.  The road runs through a lot of BLM land so we just found a spot off a side road.  We were in the Mojave Desert which is known for one of my favorite trees - the Joshua Tree.

As a member of the Yucca family, it's not really a tree, just grows like one.  Like my other favorite tree, the Giant Sequoia, it can live a long time.  With an extensive root system, it can survive the desert for hundreds of years, possibly making it to 1000 years old.

This one is down, but not out.

We moved on to Las Vegas where we were meeting some of Ron's family who came in for a Jimmy Buffet concert.  It seems Las Vegas has been overrun with Bighorn Sheep.

And wild horses.

Of course we've been here several times before so I'm not going to repeat myself.  For a glimpse of the Fremont Street craziness, here's a previous post.  We stayed overnight at The Orleans Casino which has posted some unfriendly signs since last year.  But nobody threw us out.  It's only a mile or so off the Strip and we had a sunset view of New York, New York from the parking lot.


  1. Glad they didn't throw you out. That would not have been fun.

  2. Where would they have thrown you to? Another casino who'd then get your business? :c)

    I, too am fascinated by the Joshua Trees. Amazing how they can live in such a harsh environment for so many centuries.

  3. I've never been to Vegas...want to tho!