Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Foliage

We moved south to outside Bishop and met back up with Diana and Phil, who had gone a little faster downhill than we did.  They had found a spot along Buttermilk Road, which branches off CA168 west of Bishop.  This road is a boondocker's dream, with the spots getting more scenic the farther you are willing to drive on a dirt road.  The giant rock jumbles up the road remind me of Joshua Tree NP.

We were anxious to check out the changing aspen leaves at Lake Sabrina, traditionally one of the best places to see this autumn spectacular.  It was also pictured on the front of the Fall Color Guide & Map that we picked up at a gas station.

The road steadily climbs to over 9000 feet at Lake Sabrina.  On the way it looked pretty promising.

But once we arrived at the lake, we found that somebody had pulled the plug!

But we are nothing if not adaptable.  We headed back down to what was obviously the most colorful spot, at least by the amount of parked cars.

The trouble with a popular spot is that it's hard to get a picture without anybody in it.

The trees were really spectacular and worth any effort we made.

It was an exercise in patience, but I did finally get the road shot with nobody in it.  Humm, now I'm thinking I liked the one with the photographer.

On our way back down the hill, we stopped at another lake, this one with water in it.

We'll be checking out more lakes until we find the perfect one.


  1. You have trouble getting a picture without a person in it. I have trouble getting a picture without my thumb in it!

    Sure are some pretty tree colors. Funny how that happens this time of year...

  2. You found some really beautiful trees. I'm jealous. We keep seeing just the beginning hint of fall, then we move on before it peaks.

  3. Spectacular colors on those trees.