Friday, August 8, 2014


Ron wanted to do some genealogy research at the library in Algoma.  No problem.  Like Kewaunee, Algoma is a cute town right on Lake Michigan.

The buildings in town are beautifully maintained.

And Algoma also has a hook – murals. 

Most of them are copies of ads from yesteryear.

This one had special meaning to Ron.  It seems his Great-uncle Joe had worked for Kohlbeck before moving away and starting his own tailor business.

And there was this lovely mural depicting Algoma’s relationship with Lake Michigan.


  1. That looks like you in the Coke mural!

  2. I'll take that as a compliment, Paul. I keep thinking she looked like somebody and finally got it. She looks like the old fashioned dolls.

  3. The murals are really nice! Genealogy can be a lot of fun...and its a never ending trail of clues which I enjoy unraveling!

  4. My kind of place. Thanks for the mural-fix.