Friday, August 15, 2014

Ron's Sibs

After our time in Door County, we hurried back to northern Illinois and brother Mike's driveway.  Mike and his wife Mary are always ready with a warm welcome, even though we had just been there two weeks earlier.

This was a special occasion because Ron's two sisters had flown in from New York and Nebraska.  All four surviving siblings were gathered and there was a lot of catching up.  From left are Jo Anne, Mike, Mary Jo, and Ron.

I mentioned previously that Ron is doing some genealogical research.  They all are very interested in what he has discovered and had fun doing some research at their small hometown's historical society.


  1. It is interesting to research family history. Glad to see Ron had a little help. :c)

  2. Wonderful to visit family especially when they live so far away. I immersed myself in Genealogy a few yrs back glad I did it now! I put up a tree on Ancestry and I get messages from people from all over the place who have info to share or questions to ask!