Thursday, August 7, 2014

Barns and Goodies

Moving north, we stayed a night in Kewaunee.  I always say every place needs a hook and Kewaunee County’s is a driving tour of barn quilts.  Volunteers painted quilt patterns on boards then attached them to interesting barns in the area.  We saw just a few.

Quilt pattern:  Tangled Star
Barn type:  Bohemian, 1882

Quilt pattern:  Double Nine Patch
Barn type:  Norwegian, Octagon

At the next stop, in addition to the barn quilt . . .
Quilt pattern:  Skyscrapers
Barn type:  Czech

We were just in time for

What are kolaches, you ask?  (As did I)  I would describe them as danishes with a more dense type of dough. 

After our tasty snack, we continued with our barn quilts.
Quilt pattern:  Flock
Barn type:  Wood Peg, 1800’s

Quilt pattern:  Blazing Star
Barn type:  German

This barn wasn't part of the tour, but I just liked the patriotic touch and the unusual colors.

But my favorite has to be this barn we spotted in southern Wisconsin.  It’s not often you see such a happy barn. 


  1. If that was your first Kolache you have been missing some great pastries. The Kolache Festival in September in Caldwell Texas will put ten pounds on you with just the tasty fragrances alone. A good Kolache is by far my favorite pastry. Congratulations on a new experience.

  2. Six pastries! Now that is what I call a "snack"! :c)

  3. really love the barns and quilt patterns too!!

  4. That is one thing I miss from back east!.
    Some of the old barns and the adds panted on them.

  5. My Mother was Czechoslovakian and made kolaches and many other yummy pastries. She didn't have a recipe, just her memory & feel, and unfortunately I never learned to make them. We will have to check out the Kolache Festivals.

  6. the quilts are nice; but I love the last one with the smiley face

  7. I love old barns, I've been taking photos all through the state. But yours are better. I'll bet you at least had Ron stop the car. I took mine on the fly.