Saturday, August 23, 2014

HOTR - Part 2

The House on the Rock is more than just an unusual house.  Sections 2 and 3 of the tour consist of amazing collections of everything that interested Mr. Jordan.  For instance, this glass collection was in the ladies room, of all places.

This is just a small sample of the gun collection.

I liked the old-fashioned bank collection.

And many collections were housed in stores along The Streets of Yesterday.

There was a doll store,

A clock shop,

And a china store, just to pick a few.

Next we entered The Heritage of the Sea, a massive nautical exhibit.  There were many large ship models.

Quite a collection of scrimshaw,

And a model of the Titanic complete with iceberg, which I estimated to be 12 feet long.

All of this was surrounding a 200-foot whale like creature.  It looked similar to a blue whale, but with inaccurate teeth instead of baleen plates.  Otherwise how could he chew up the boat?

There was a fun picture of Mr. Jordan inside the creature's mouth.

Leaving the nautical section, I was creeped out by these marionettes
But I liked the vases, even though each pretty lady has a hole in her head.

Personally, I don't believe these are real ivory, but they're very pretty.

By this time we were tired and hungry, especially since we had been smelling pizza for awhile.  But, never fear, the tour routes you right into the restaurant.

After indulging in a slice each, we were ready to move on.  At the beginning of section 2 and again near the end were many, many automatic music machines.  They started out fairly simple, but became more complex as you went along.  Here are a couple of short videos.

By the end, the instruments filled whole rooms.

This is the end of section 2 and we decided we were just too tired and overwhelmed to go on.  Luckily, although they don't advertise it, you can leave at the end of any section and come back to continue with the next section.

I'll leave you with a pretty water lily from the Japanese garden.

And this canon that Ron found interesting.  He thought it had some kind of pneumatic recoil system.


  1. I love the indigo and amber glass collection! I have the same only mine consists of a couple pieces in the kitchen window! Ha!
    WOW I really like the way the collections are housed in 'store fronts" that is very cool!

  2. What an incredible house, and those collections! It looks overwhelming.

  3. HOTR takes the idea of a tourist trap to a whole new level! ;c)