Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Other Side of the Door

(I got the idea for my title from Sandie's funny comment on the previous post.)

We got a later start for our exploration of the Green Bay side of Door County, but we also had less ground to cover.  First stop was a county park at the mouth of Sturgeon Bay where we could see Sherwood Point Lighthouse across the way. You can take a boat tour of lighthouses like these people did, but where's the challenge in that?

Heading north, we again took roads as close to the shore as possible and, once again, saw a lot of trees. The next clearing was another nice county park where they had a large beach area.  This place must be packed on warm days.

Next up was Egg Harbor where they cleverly had painted eggs all over town.  Here are just a few of my favorites.
Screaming Turtle

Ferrous Ovum

Journey into Sunset

Guard Duty


Seed of Life


And floating in the harbor . . .
Egg at the Beach

I'm just a sucker for the themed art pieces we find in so many places.

By the time we hit Fish Creek, it was time for lunch.  We picked a place that looked reasonable, but began to worry when they served us water in a wine bottle.

After a delightful meal, we hit our last stop at Peninsula State Park.  Although the Shore Road in the park had that same 'tree view', there were some highlights.  One was Eagle Bluff Lighthouse where they even invited you in (to the gift shop.)

And we climbed the fourth of these towers that seem to be in every Wisconsin State Park.  Unlike the other one I wrote about, this one you could drive to the base, so only about 100 steps were involved in the climb.

From the top there was a panoramic view of Welcker's Point and Nicolet Bay to the west,

Eagle Harbor to the east,

And aptly-named Horseshoe Island to the north.

On our return trip through the park, we took Skyline road which had a couple of pull-offs with nice views.

This concludes our tour of Door County.  I'll just leave you with a classic 'Widow's Walk' or 'Captain's Walk', if you prefer, to honor the seafaring history of the area.


  1. Isn't Door County wonderful? I would move there if I could!!

  2. Glad your camera worked properly to get those marvelous themed pictures. Wouldn't want you to get Eggsasperated if it didn't. :cD

  3. I love those eggs. Still think they should decorate doors though.

  4. This area you are sharing continues to impress me! I like the Egg-sharing!

  5. Oh, I wish we had gone to Egg Harbor. I like the name and would have enjoyed the eggs.
    We are in South Dakota--we're out of the trees!

  6. I've been enjoying your exploring along the Wisconsin shore of Lake Michigan up to Sturgeon Bay. Your photos bring back the memories of a summer job about 50 years ago when I delivered milk and ice cream to stores and restaurants in Door County.