Friday, May 27, 2016

Capitol Reef

We took the very scenic (and a little scary) Utah 12 from Hole-in-the-Rock Road to Torrey.  Some of this road is known as the Hogback where it runs along a ridge.  I was doing a lot of leaning, but refrained from screaming at Ron to move over.

We moved into a pretty boondocking area just west of Capitol Reef National Park.

Ron and I decided to hike the Chimney Rock Loop Trail - a new one for us.  After going six miles the other day, we thought the 3.6 mile loop would be perfect, even with a 590 foot elevation change.

The climb began almost from the parking lot, although we barely noticed with all the colorful scenery.

But by the time we arrived at the split for the loop trail, we were really huffing.  The right fork looked like it just kept climbing with no end in sight, so we took the left which was more level.

We had a view into what is Chimney Rock Canyon, according to the map.

Where Ron saw a hawk in this rock.  (And he always says he has no imagination.)

But soon we were back to climbing.

With more views of the many pinnacles along the way.

We continued up and up to the top of the mesa where we could see the waterpocket fold cliffs in the distance . . .

And part of the Goosenecks created by Sulphur Creek.

Ironically, the Chimney Rock Loop does not encircle Chimney Rock, but there is one place along the long way down where you can see it.

Whew!  That was more exhausting than I thought it would be, but the good news is that my feet didn't hurt!


  1. I'm catching up on your adventures...My feet have been giving me all sorts of pain it our shoes or our age...hope its the shoes! Lovely hike!

  2. You went over Hogsback in your RV????? I've been over it twice in cars and about had a heart attack. That is one scary road. I was leaning and telling Bob, who was driving, to stop looking at the scenery and keep his eyes on the road. I made him stop at a turn out to gawk so we wouldn't go off the road!! All-in-all, though, Utah is just fantastic.

  3. Sore feet are not good. Are you wearing new shoes? Or do you need new shoes?

  4. But my feet hurt just thinking about all the hiking you did! :cD

  5. Red rock country has the advantage of making you forget the difficulty rating of trails.