Friday, May 13, 2016

Magnificent Zion

We met up with sister Diana outside of Zion National Park. She always has the best ideas of hikes to do.  Our first was the Watchman Trail, three miles round trip and one I had never done.

Like the Grand Canyon, Zion has a convenient bus system, but the Watchman Trail begins right at the visitors center.

The trail seems to have a lot more elevation change than the 368 feet in the hiking guide, but the scenery is perfect.

Humm, good advice.

We safely made it to the top where there was a nice view of the Watchman.

As well as the towering rock formations across the valley below.

On our way down, Ron did some trail work, as usual.  He's such a considerate hiker.


  1. Dramatic scenery, and judging from the vegetation this time is a good time to visit.

  2. Diana really does do some fantastic hikes. But you guys come up with beautiful ones also. Love sharing your adventures.

  3. I remember we also felt like that trail had more climbing than it said.

  4. Ron is a super hero! Zion is a beautiful place there are no bad hikes for sure with beauty all around!

  5. They should pay Ron for all the trail work he does! ;c)

  6. Since our visits to Zion pre-date our hiking days, we're looking forward to visiting the park again in the next couple of years.