Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sedona (part 2)

Another of my favorite Sedona hikes is Margs Draw.  It's an easy 2 miles one way along the cliffs to the east of town.  We didn't go all the way so it was about 3 miles round trip.

If you know where to look, you can see Snoopy lying on his back on top of the rocks.  Here he is with his feet to the far right, his little tummy, and his snout topped by his little nose.  We were told the tall rock to the left is Lucy watching over him, but I think that's getting a bit carried away.

On our final hike up Boynton Canyon, I finally made it to 4 miles.  Once again, it was a pretty level hike which headed up a beautiful canyon.  The only problem was the resort in the view for the first mile.

Ron spotted this cave that looks like the remains of a Native American site.

I didn't expect to see lupine in the desert.

Our final adventure before the weather turned really nasty for our last few days was a visit to the Sedona wastewater treatment plant.  It doesn't sound too appealing, I know, but they have made a nice bird sanctuary out of it.  We enjoy very amateur bird watching.  I love the trills of the red-winged blackbirds.

And we were thrilled to spot this very yellow little bird - I'm guessing some kind of warbler.

But the highlight of my day was seeing this ruddy duck with his blue bill for breeding season.

(Sorry for the very poor pictures, but I'm just using a little point and shoot camera, after all.  There were lots of other ducks and birds that were just specks in the camera.)

During our stay, we ran into our friend Randy The Poet.
(picture stolen off of somebody else's blog)

Randy is a thinker who is interested in everything and everybody.  As the WINs and many others are aware, he puts his thoughts into poems that are witty, insightful, poignant, and always entertaining. He has created a book of his best and it's available as a paperback here or as a kindle book here for 99 cents!  He kindly gave me a copy since one of the poems is about me.  LOL


  1. Okay, I do see Snoopy, but somebody had to be smoking some funny stuff to see Lucy standing next to him! :c)

  2. We did the Boynton Canyon trail, and when we finished the hike went to the resort for dinner at their cafe-style casual restaurant. We'd been told that the setting sun would fire up the canyon walls ... but no luck that evening.

  3. You can tell him your advertising worked, I bought the Kindle book!