Thursday, May 5, 2016

What a Wonder

We finally left Sedona after almost two weeks, almost a record for us.  Passing through Flagstaff, we were stunned by the appearance of this white stuff.

But we bravely continued on to a great boondocking spot just east of Grand Canyon National Park.  After settling in, we drove into the park and checked out a couple of the eastern viewpoints.  First up was Desert View, home of the Watchtower, which was constructed to look ancient, but is only about 100 years old.

There we had our first view of the magnificent canyon.


As promised by the weather channel, the next day was beautiful, if a little cool, and we enjoyed every second of our day in the park.

We sent this picture to the 'kids' asking them to guess where we are.  Ron's son said, "Well, by the way you're dressed, I'd say Minnesota, but the background looks like the Grand Canyon."

My pictures certainly don't do it justice, but here goes.

We took the convenient shuttle buses and walked some of the rim trail.  What a fantastic experience!  I took about 1000 pictures, most of which were disappointing.  You can see a bit of the Colorado River in this one.

Looking back towards the rim from Powell Point, we were surprised to see Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff 50 miles away.  (This picture is zoomed.  It didn't look that close.)

Everybody knows that the best pictures are either sunrise or sunset.  Well, you're not going to get either with me, but by the time we got to Yaki Point, it was at least late afternoon.

Here's Ron trying to scare the relatives.

We saw lots of mule deer and some elk.  This one has either been eating really well, or she's pregnant.

Although we had both been to the Grand Canyon multiple times, it never fails to amaze.  It was a day to remember.


  1. Hi, wondering how I can follow you. My husband and I will begin traveling next year and would like to learn all we can. Thank you.
    My email is let me know how I can subscribe Thank you

  2. I don't care how good a photographer you are, pictures just do not do the canyon justice.

  3. Although never having been to the Canyon but speaking to people who have visited Jim & Sadie's comment is very true. Awesome doesn't do it justice.

  4. No picture does it justice, but yours are very good. Glad you had a good time there.

  5. I have never seen photos of the Canyon that do show off the shear rugged beauty. Enjoy.

  6. You should try Grand Canyon in the winter ... really in the winter ... the snow adds a whole other dimension to the beauty of the canyon.