Monday, May 23, 2016

Devil's Garden

During our stay in Grand Staircase - Escalante NM, we typically had sun / clouds / rain in rotation.   We could watch the clouds roll in from our boondocking spot.
(Diana's truck)

The weather was usually pretty good in the morning, so one day Diana got her truck all muddy by driving us to Devil's Garden, about 12 miles down Hole-in-the-Rock Road.

It's quite a place where you can roam around among the colorful hoodoos.

As you can see, by the time we arrived so had the clouds. But the rain held off so we were happy. 

Love the blooming yucca.

The far end of the 'garden' drops off abruptly.

Oh, here's a little blue sky.  Does this look like Angry Birds?

How about a Polynesian Tiki?

Ron made me pose under this arch.

So I returned the favor.

Funny thing - Although we had been there before, both Diana and I didn't remember it being so extensive.  Did we just look at it from the parking lot?  I recommend it highly as an easy stroll among interesting rock formations.


  1. I prefer cloudy skies for forest picture taking but I have to admit the red rocks look better in the sunlight. Great arches, anywhere in southern Utah is just amazing, isn't it?

  2. What a grand place. That one formation resembles the moai of Easter Island.