Monday, May 16, 2016

Zion (part 3)

On our last day in Zion, Diana took us on a wonderful hike that she had discovered.  Many Pools is an 'unofficial hike', but you can google it for directions.  It was splendid.

The many pools are potholes made by runoff, some containing water and some not.

It was a climb all the way and sometimes was difficult for those of us who are not mountain goats.  (Ron had no trouble.)

Ron and I tried out the seats at this pool.  They were just a little too far apart for cuddling.

I knew I shouldn't have given Diana my camera.

We passed this pretty claret cup cactus.

When they said many pools, they weren't kidding.

I was distracted by this scene - old and new, dead and alive, beauty and the beast.

Finally we reached the end of the trail after a very long mile.  We heard you can keep going, but that sure looks like a dead end to me.

Now to get back down.

Amazing how this indian paintbrush can grow so beautifully out of a crack in the rock.


  1. Many Pools is such a fun place to hike. I think you could have gone on past the first mile if you did a little more of that crawling!

  2. LoL...At least you didn't slide off that rock into the thing I will never forget that our Indian Guide told us, "watch out, because the rocks are slippery when dry."

  3. What a neat hike ... love that series of pools.

  4. When I was in Jr. High School I lived in Kanab and we would wait for rain & then go to many pools and slide down the rocks while the water was running. Crazy kids didn't worry about flash floods. I went back a couple years ago and did the hike with a son and grandson. Wonderful memories in a beautiful spot.

  5. I love that shot of you and Ron, you should give Diana your camera more often I think!