Friday, June 24, 2016

Fission and Fishin'

Diana left us in Idaho Falls, but hopefully we'll see her soon.  Meanwhile Ron and I are slowly making our way across Idaho.  We made a stop at the EBR-1 Atomic Museum which was way more interesting than I expected.

Situated in the middle of nowhere, EBR-1 was the first power plant in the world to produce usable electricity using atomic energy.  On December 20, 1951, four light bulbs like these were lit during the historic event.

I know that doesn't sound really impressive, but until 1964, when the reactor was decommissioned, many discoveries and advances in the field were made there.  In 1966, President Johnson designated EBR-1 as a National Historic Landmark.

There was a self-guided tour with good signage and pamphlet.  And usually there is an available tour guide, but that person was sick that day.

My favorite part was the remote arm where one could test their their dexterity.  Ron did very well.

If you ever get in the area, you'll find that the site is well worth a stop.

Ron has purchased an Idaho fishing license, so we've been staying at free locations near various waterways, of which there are many.

We parked a couple of days along Silver Creek.  I took this out the RV window.

Nearby was this gorgeous field of rapeseed.  I bet more people would grow it if it didn't have such a horrible name.

When we saw the weather was heating up, we moved to a shady spot near the Big Wood River.

He hasn't been having a lot of luck, but he sure looks the part.

During a break, we checked out Sculptured Canyon.  About 7000 years ago, water from melting glaciers sculpted the Shoshone lava field into interesting cliffs and potholes.


  1. Looking the part is half the battle.

  2. Are the fish radioactive? Might be better to fish at night when they glow in the dark... :cD

  3. Love Paul's comment. Jim keeps telling me that it doesn't matter whether you catch fish or not. We loved our tour of the atomic site. I found it fascinating.

  4. Somebody has been to Capella's and spent some money!! I wish him all the best it is a game of patience...I have the attention span of a housefly myself. I live 15 miles from a Nuclear Power Plant, kinda makes me a little edgy.