Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yellowstone (part 5)

I promise this is the last of our Yellowstone adventures.  Continuing around the lower loop, we stopped at the viewpoint for Sulphur Caldron.  As the name implies, it was a odoriferous experience.

And we stopped at Mud Volcano which is not too exciting.

Although the bison must really appreciate it by the number of hoof prints.

Dragon's Mouth Spring is another spot that has to be seen and heard to be appreciated.  I could hear the dragon roaring all the way from the parking lot.

The dragon didn't seem to bother this killdeer, but he sure heckled the tourists.

Finally we made it to beautiful Yellowstone Lake, a refreshing change.

I was surprised to see this bald eagle flying through the visitors center.  Tee-hee

That area obviously had a much more recent fire.  It's interesting how nature renews itself.

Our final stop was at West Thumb Geyser Basin where this little guy was way too close to the boardwalk.  How can you stay 75 feet away from the wildlife when the wildlife won't cooperate?

The highlight there was beautiful Black Pool.

Black?  Really?

I'll finish with a view from our campground site.  The Madison River flowed right by and one evening I looked out and thought a mountain had suddenly appeared.  Silly me, can't tell a cloud from a mountain.


  1. I have not heard the dragon roar and I really must add that to the list. But I refuse to go when there are thousands of people around or if there is snow. So who knows when I'll get there.

  2. Another gorgeous post!! I missed the Dragon! Must go back :o)

  3. How was the dragon's breath? You might need a 55 gallon drum of mouth wash if it was bad... ;c)

  4. Great Pics Did you ever live in Lake City Florida?