Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Grand Teton (part 3)

On our last full day in Grand Teton NP, we tried to hit some spots that were a little less popular.  The exception was Oxbow Bend Overlook.  This is a good spot to view the Snake River as it curves along its way.

From the Colter Bay visitors center, we hiked the 2-mile Lakeshore Trail, which took us around a peninsula that juts out into Jackson Lake.

Diana noticed this pretty butterfly/moth and I promptly took the same picture.

By the time we reached the Jenny Lake Overlook, the daily clouds had moved in.

When I called my father the other night, he mentioned a church he had photographed when he and my mother were here years ago.  With a little research, we found it in Menors Ferry Historic District. The Chapel of the Transfiguration was built in 1925.  Services are still held every Sunday during the summer and it's a popular spot for weddings.

The chapel is charmingly rustic.

But the most interesting feature is the window behind the altar.

While there, we inspected the replica of Bill Menor's ferry.

This is a 'reaction ferry' which uses the river current to propel the boat.  Here's the explanation of how it works.

It's an astoundingly simple and efficient method for crossing in swift current.  Ron and I had actually ridden on a working ferry of this type in Lytton, British Columbia.  The only difference was the one in Canada used a rudder to angle the ferry.  Here's my picture from then.

Our last stop was to view the Gros Ventre Slide, 7 miles east of our campground.  On June 23, 1925, 50 million cubic yards of rock and debris roared down Sheep Mountain, blocked the Gros Ventre River, and continued 300 feet up the opposite slope.

The natural dam formed this beautiful lake.

Unfortunately the story doesn't end there.  Two years later, a portion of the earthen dam failed sending a massive flood downstream.  The small town of Kelly was wiped out, killing six people.  How sad.


  1. Nature is not predictable, the chapel is soooo sweet, love the rustic look. Where did you guys camp while in Tetons?

  2. Pretty smart ferry system. Love how it works, without much human effort! :c)