Monday, June 6, 2016

Grand Teton (part 2)

Our next day exploring the park began with not a cloud in the deep blue sky.  So we returned to the previous day's barn for another shot.

Meanwhile, Diana had discovered another barn nearby which might be the famous one.  It seems the confusion is caused by both barns being named the Moulton Barn after related families who had owned them.
I think I prefer the second one because of the lighter wood and cool roof.

But wait!  How about a tiny house and outhouse?  All these building are in Mormon Row, near our campground.  You can see we could go on and on.

On our way to the next stop, we passed this bison just off the road.  He must be the old codger off by himself.

You can drive right to pretty String Lake.

We walked some of the shoreline trail, drinking in all of the scenery.

The water is crystal clear and a lovely color.

We're guessing that this is Mt. Moran at 12,605 feet.

We even got a bit of reflection in the lake.

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  1. Spectacular scenery! That water looks so inviting, bet its colder than ice tho...